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Zinc 50 mg 100 vegcaps

Zinc 50 mg 100 vegcaps




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Zinc Amino Acid Chelate for Enhanced Body Absorption & Improved Health: Zinc is essential for the body to function optimally.* Each day, the body requires at least 20 milligrams, but the issue with zinc is its rate of absorption. This relies on the form that it exists in; for instance, elemental zinc is poorly absorbed by the gut, hence the importance of Solaray™’s chelated zinc supplement.

• Better absorption than elemental zinc

• Enhances overall health

• Contains 50 mg of zinc amino acid chelate

• Also includes pumpkin seeds

• Quality is constantly monitored What Is Chelated Zinc?: Chelated zinc is classified into two groups: organic acids and amino acids. Amino acids linked to zinc include monomethionine, methionine, and aspartic acid. Many zinc supplements contain an organic acid, though those with amino acids are more beneficial as they contain essential amino acids that

Made From Organic Raw Materials:

To make the Zinc amino acid chelate, Solaray only uses high quality organic raw materials. The amino acids are derived from whole rice concentrate instead of soy, milk protein or yeast. Studies noted that the special rice concentrate used in this supplement is seven times higher than the amino acids contained in ordinary rice. Moreover, the amino acid profile of this whole rice concentrate is higher than that found in soy or yeast. Thus, the chelating agents obtained is higher than what is conventional.

Zinc Amino Acid Chelate And More:

This supplement contains 50 milligrams of zinc amino acid chelate. This is more than enough of what the body’s daily needs. Thus, it is important to take only one (1) vegetable capsule of this supplement. Aside from zinc amino acid chelate, this supplement also contains 50 milligrams of pumpkin seeds. Pumpkin seed is a good source of zinc organic acid chelate thus it also improves the Zinc profile of the body.

Constantly Screened:

Solaray takes pride in making supplements that come with the highest quality. Solaray uses quality control standards in all aspects during the product development. This means that the raw materials are identified and authenticated by laboratory analysts to ensure their potency and efficacy. Moreover, the supplements are always screened for the presence of microbes, pathogens, and environmental toxins. The company rejects herbs and batches of supplements that are found to have contaminants.


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