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Yin Chiao Classic 60 tabs

Yin Chiao Classic 60 tabs


Planetary Herbals


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Yin Chiao Classic™

Immune Formulas for Seasonal Support

Higher Potency Equals Smaller and Fewer Tabs Per Dose


Transform your health regimen at the onset of seasonal imbalance with Planetary Herbals' two newly reformulated herbal combinations to bolster natural defenses and jumpstart your immune system: Yin Chiao Classic and Yin Chiao-Echinacea Complex. Loaded with time-honored herbs, these celebrated formulas provide powerful support for your immune system.


Yin Chiao is one of the most relied-upon of all classic Chinese herbal formulas for optimal health during the changing seasons. And traditional and modern herbalists alike celebrate the extraordinary health properties of echinacea, the primary North American immune-enhancing botanical. For generations, both have been used to nourish and strengthen the body during seasonal changes, when the body's defenses might be weakened.

Yin Chiao: Chinese Winter Health Classic

Yin Chiao, developed during the Qing Dynasty (1644-1911), has been a staple of traditional herbalists and acupuncturists, and a household name in China, for hundreds of years. It is used for imbalances associated with seasonal changes and is one of the most valued of all classic Chinese herbal formulas.

This prized traditional formula combines the following immune-boosting and fortifying herbs: honeysuckle flower, forsythia fruit, Chinese mint leaf, phragmites rhizome, burdock seed, platycodon root, soy sprout, licorice root, schizonepeta aerial parts, and lophatherum leaf.

Planetary Herbals Yin Chiao Classic: Chinese Immune Compound Reformulated


Experience the immune-supporting power of Planetary Herbals Yin Chiao Classic: a trusted compound, brewed from carefully sourced herbs here in the US. Our new formula packs the same strength as before, but with just two tablets instead of six - perfect for maintaining balance in seasonal changes.

Yin Chiao-Echinacea Complex: Dynamic Winter Health Combination

Planetary Herbals Yin Chiao-Echinacea Complex combines the time-honored classic, Yin Chiao, with American's #1 winter botanical, echinacea. The addition of Chinese isatis and notopterygium, along with North American boneset and elecampane, completes this dynamic health combination. Also reformulated, this powerful complex contains a 10:1 Yin Chiao herbal extract blend - which provides double the potency of Yin Chiao - and a 45% increased potency of the additional herbs per daily dose. The new daily dose is just four instead of six tablets.

Combining Tradition and Modern Science


Planetary Herbals' Yin Chiao Classic & Echinacea Complex embody the perfect union of traditional herbalism & modern science. Both deliver reliable immune support to ensure long-term wellness, based on centuries of herbal history & clinical experience. Don't settle for anything less--trust in these herbal formulas for the health you deserve!



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