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Triphala Gold 1000mg 60 tabs

Triphala Gold 1000mg 60 tabs


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Certified Organic

1000 mg tabs Verified Non-GMO

• Strengthens and revitalizes GI (gastrointestinal) tract tissues to support the functioning of the entire system
• Cleanses the intestines and provides antioxidant support
• Primes system for everyday and long-term healthy digestion and elimination

Triphala is a potent yet gentle three-fruit herbal complex that uniquely supports GI (gastrointestinal) tract wellness. Supported by emerging science and traditional use, Triphala sets the stage for better digestion and regular elimination to help you feel better.

Triphala offers a multitude of health benefits that get to the core of GI tract wellness. It revitalizes the mucosal tissues throughout the entire system, supports regular elimination, normalizes peristalsis (how the intestines move waste through the body), and provides nourishing antioxidants to the system.

Triphala is also widely known as an intestinal cleanser that works by gently stimulating the intestinal tract without irritating the bowels, which means you can take Triphala long-term without concern.


Triphala Gold 1000mg 60 tabs works with the body to sustain balance and optimize well-being, as per the 1,000 year-old tenet of traditional medicine. Science is verifying the medicinal potency of its three fruits, making it the go-to formulation for gastrointestinal health!



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