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Purify Coconut Charcoal 60 caps

Purify Coconut Charcoal 60 caps




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Feel refreshed and reset with activated coconut charcoal powder.

Sustainably-sourced activated coconut charcoal powder efficiently binds gas and toxins, assisting their expulsion from the body.* This unique formula further includes ginger extract and alpha galactosidase to target digestive discomfort as well as to enhance detoxification.* Purify Activated Charcoal Plus helps to eliminate toxins to promote a feeling of well-being.
  • Relieves occasional gas, bloating and cramping*
  • Supports natural detoxification*
  • Sustainably sourced
  • Relief for upset stomachs and indigestion*
  • Contains millions of pores per gram for capturing unwanted gas and toxins*

How does coconut charcoal cleanse the system?

Like a million little grabbers flowing through your gut, activated coconut charcoal is able to take and trap unwanted gas and toxins then naturally flush them from your system.

With millions of pores per gram, activated charcoal is able to adsorb a huge amount of gas and toxins to its surface. It’s this adsorption that gives the charcoal its cleansing power. Adsorption is slightly different than absorption as it affixes captured materials to the outside rather than interior, safely carrying them out of the body.

How is activated coconut charcoal made better?

Activated coconut charcoal is a unique type of charcoal which is obtained through a precise process. During this process, coconut shells are burned at an extremely high temperature of 1,800°F with the addition of steam, resulting in an exceptionally high number of tiny pores per gram. Further purification is then employed to isolate finer particles and complete the detoxification process.

What makes Purify Activated Charcoal Plus better?

Purify Activated Charcoal Plus contains coconut charcoal for detoxification, along with ginger extract and the enzyme alpha galactosidase to support gentle cleansing and reduce intestinal gas.* These additions to the formula enhance the product's ability to help with occasional bloating.* 


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