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PQQ 10 mg 30 vegcaps

PQQ 10 mg 30 vegcaps




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Our bodies depend on 95% of their energy being generated from tiny mitochondria “power plants” in our cells. Care for your mitochondria may be key to long-term wellness, and cells with the highest energy demands, like our brains and hearts, contain the most. Solaray™ PQQ (pyrroloquinoline quinone) helps nurture these cellular power plants, providing energy and supporting heart & mental capacity!*

• Provides nutritive support for normal energy production in your cells*
• Helps promote your metabolism & longevity*
• Can help you maintain cardiovascular health*
• Supports your heart & cognitive function*
• Free of MSG, additives, artificial flavors, colors, preservatives & sweeteners
• Contains 10 mg of polyphenol PQQ per dose
• Take 1 veggie capsule daily, with a meal or glass of water
• If you are pregnant, breastfeeding, or taking prescription medications, consult your doctor before use
Energy Depletion and Your Longevity:

As you grow older, your mitochondria can begin to malfunction and die off rather quickly. Daily factors such as stress and poor nutrition can speed up this process. In fact, one study showed that people can have more than 50% more mitochondrial damage in their brain cells in their 70’s compared to people in their 40’s. Mitochondria depletion translates directly to reduced energy and stamina and can make you feel tired, achy and older than you are. In fact, because mitochondrial depletion can affect nearly every aspect of your health in a negative way, many scientists say that the longevity of your mitochondria can help determine your own longevity.

What Does PQQ Do?:

PQQ is a polyphenol with antioxidant properties, and the biggest accomplishment of a supplement like Solaray PQQ is its ability to help stimulate growth of new mitochondria, which are responsible for generating nearly all of the energy you need for normal physical and mental functions!* PQQ further provides mitochondrial survival, proliferation and energy-generating performance.* It supports your cell development and signaling, and even your genes, and has been shown to prevent oxidative stress and support your cardiovascular health.*

Feel Better, Think Better, Sleep Better:

PQQ is found in breast milk and many common human foods like kiwi, green peppers and parsley – albeit in very small quantities – and is a readily absorbed supplement. It has been shown to stimulate growth in cultured human cells, where it encourages production of nerve growth factor (NGF), an important growth factor for nerve cells both within and outside of your brain.* Two clinical trials showed that subjects with stress-related complaints who took a supplement like Solaray PQQ for 8 weeks experienced improved fatigue recovery, sleep quality, appetite, vigor, mood, self-control, and reduced tension and confusion.* Study results also found that PQQ significantly improved sleepiness at awakening, sleep onset, and sleep duration.*

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