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MemorEase 60 caps

MemorEase 60 caps




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The key ingredient in MemorEase is Phosphatidylserine, backed by dozens of clinical trials and research papers.

PS pervades every cell in the frame and has been rigorously studied for years. In trial after trial, PS is credited with bolstering cognition, cultivation and attention.*
PS has a wide range of uses, such as balancing of the "stress" hormone cortisol.*

Athletes are known to also use PS to minimize the breakdown of muscle after workouts or competition.*

Phosphatidylserine is unique in the nutrient kingdom according to Parris Kidd, Ph.D., author of Nature's Brain Booster. Phosphatidylserine (PS) is more concentrated in the brain than in any other tissue of the body.

This renowned doctor further explains, "Research from controlled tests implies that when the dietary intake of phosphatidylserine is doubled-or, better yet, quadrupled through supplementation-a great number of people experience clear benefits to their brain.* Everyday consumption of this nutrient may not be enough to unlock the full potential of the brain."
PS serves a vital structural role and is a major component of all your cell membranes.* Because of its unique structure, with one end of the molecule attracted to fats and the other end attracted to water, PS can align itself to form the bi-layered membranes needed by all your cells.*

As you journey through life, your body naturally produces PS, which is most concentrated in your brain and nerves due to their electrical activity.* Unfortunately, as with many other things, the amount of PS made decreases as you age, and with the best diet, a mere 100 mg per day can be consumed.*
Phosphatidylserine was first introduced to consumers in Europe. At the time, the only source was bovine. Since then, manufacturers have learned how to make PS from soy lecithin, and now nearly all PS products are highly refined extracts of soy lecithin.

Phosphatidylserine plays a role in:

• Focus and attention*
• Learning and memory performance*
• Healthy cortisol levels and stress*

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