Magnesium Malate Forte 120 tabs

Magnesium Malate Forte 120 tabs


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Magnesium Malate Forte 500 mg 120 tabs

Uses: A combination of magnesium and malic acid with vitamin B2, all nutrients important for energy generation.


  • Riboflavin ( Vitamin B2), 5 MG
  • Magnesium ( 60% as Magnesium Citrate and 40 % as Magnesium Hydroxide) 62.5 mg
  • Malic Acid 250 mg

Dicalcium,phosphate,cellulose,stearic acid, silicon dioxide and magnesium stearate.

Suggested use: As a dietary supplement, 1-2 tablets 2-3 times a daily with meals, or a directed by your healthcare practitioner.

This product is of the highest quality obtainable. It is free of all common allergens (antigens), and does not contain preservatives, diluents, or artificial additives. Variations in product color may occur. Keep in a cool, dry place, tightly capped.



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