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GlutenEase Extra Strength 30 vegcaps
GlutenEase Extra Strength 30 vegcaps
GlutenEase Extra Strength 30 vegcaps

GlutenEase Extra Strength 30 vegcaps




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GlutenEase Extra Strength's unique enzymes break down both gluten and casein, digesting them efficiently which may help to reduce potential side-effects such as occasional gas and bloating.* Thus, those with gluten sensitivity can enjoy meals with friends and family with greater peace of mind. Cross-contamination and hidden gluten sources are not a worry with GlutenEase Extra Strength due to its Thera-blend™ enzymes which are active throughout the GI tract. Put yourself back in control and don’t let gluten intolerance stop you from eating your favorite foods..

  • Supports gluten and casein intolerance*
  • Includes additional enzymes to help digest the entire meal*
  • Maximum potency gluten and casein support*
  • Ideal for cross-contamination support*

What are enzymes and how do they work?

Enzymes aid in the digestion process, catalyzing reactions and facilitating the breakdown of food components. Acting as small scissors, these natural proteins reduce foods to simpler forms that the body can more completely absorb. When enzyme levels are insufficient, this can lead to digestive discomforts such as excessive gas, bloating, indigestion, and irregularity. Through the use of GlutenEase Extra Strength, you can supplement your own natural enzyme production levels, thereby maximizing energy and providing systemic health benefits.* 

What causes gluten and casein intolerance, and how can enzymes help?

If our bodies have difficulty digesting bread and grains, the root cause comes from a lack of the right enzymes in our guts. Enzymes are designed to break down a specific kind of food or compound, so the more or less we have of certain enzymes, the better or worse we can digest gluten and casein.

GlutenEase contains DPP-IV, an enzyme shown to break down gluten.* It also has other enzymes to help out in the digestion of bread and grains.* Amylase is able to help digest the carbohydrate portion of grains and glucoamylase breaks down polysaccharides into easier to digest glucose units.*

What is different about GlutenEase Extra Strength vs. GlutenEase Regular Strength?

GlutenEase Extra Strength takes a different approach for gluten-digestion than the original, regular strength formula. The extra strength version contains a unique protease blend shown to be more effective for breaking down excess gluten than GlutenEase Regular Strength.* For those looking for our most advanced technology, GlutenEase Extra Strength is the ideal solution.

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