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Ecomer 120 caps


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It almost seems like you can’t turn on the news without hearing about the outbreak of a new disease or illness. With the discovery of illnesses like swine flu and the resurgence of the West Nile virus‚ you may be looking for ways to keep yourself healthy by giving your immune system a boost. Making sure that you stay healthy through eating a well-balanced diet and physical activity is one of the best ways to keep your immune system in shape. However‚ many people today are simply too busy to find the time to exercise and eat properly. If this sounds like you‚ you may want to consider taking a shark liver oil supplement.

Shark liver oil has one of the highest concentrations of vitamin A of any substance available‚ making it a powerful line of defense in the fight against illness. Vitamin A is essential for your body to produce new cells‚ making shark liver oil extremely helpful in strengthening your immune system. The boost in cell creation that shark liver oil provides may also help your wounds heal more quickly.

Shark liver oil is also a great source of alkylglycerols‚ which can have disease-fighting effects; it also contains squalamine. Every capsule contains 250 mg of shark liver oil‚ 50 mg of which is pure disease-fighting alkylglycerols. This oil is commonly used in Northern Europe.

Some other benefits of shark liver oil are:

  • preventing the growth and spread of bacteria and fungi
  • mercury detoxification
  • boosting the amount of platelets in your blood‚ which can lead to increased growth and repair of tendons and other connective tissues

One box of American Nutriceuticals’ Ecomer Shark Liver Oil should last you a month or longer if you take one capsule‚ two to three times daily. It’s recommended that you take shark liver oil on an empty stomach.

American Nutraceuticals manufactures unique nutritional supplements to support your immune system. Its high-quality products also promote detoxification.



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