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ColostrumPro w/Immulox Powder 6.3 oz

ColostrumPro w/Immulox Powder 6.3 oz


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Immune system support* with Immulox® 20%.

 Experience the ultimate in colostrum with PRO with Immulox 20%! This powerful supplement supports normal immune response and provides dual action — in and outside the bloodstream — to safeguard optimal intestinal health and foster flourishing intestinal flora.* Plus, it's gluten free!

What is Colostrum? Colostrum is the first milk produced by all mammals after birth and is particularly rich in immunoglobulins, immune supporting peptides (lactoferrin & lactoperoxidase) and other bioactive molecules, including growth factors. Combined, the bioactive natural compounds found in colostrum help promote immune health and support normal gastrointestinal tract health.*


Enjoy the benefits of the richest colostrum around! PROSymbiotics® features colostrum from cows, known for boasting some of the best colostrum anywhere. And that means your body can reap the rewards of Immunoglobulins, Lactoferrin, Proline Rich Polypeptides (PRPs), and Growth Factors.

Key components of Colostrum:

Lactoferrin: The second most abundant protein in breast milk. It’s an iron-binding protein responsible for conferring immunity on newborns in the first few weeks of life. It also limits the availability of iron to certain bacteria in the intestines, which supports healthy bacteria to thrive in the gut.*

Proline Rich Polypeptides (PRPs): Hormones that regulate the thymus gland (bodies central command for the immune system) as well as Cytokines – the intracellular communication system for your body.*

Growth Factors: Growth factors help stimulate cell growth, cellular differentiation and cell maturation. Combined, the bioactive natural compounds found in colostrum help support immune health and normal gastrointestinal tract health.*

Immunoglobulins: Specific types of proteins used by the immune system to support overall health:*


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