Colostrum 60 caps
Colostrum 60 caps
Colostrum 60 caps

Colostrum 60 caps


Ecological Formulas


Immune Support



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Colostrum by Ecological Formulas is a dietary supplement designed to support and strengthen immune system function.* Colostrum by Ecological Formulas is derived from USDA Certified family owned dairies of Grade A cows, containing 97 immune factors, 87 growth factors, and a variety of probiotics and prebiotics that help to balance the beneficial flora growing in the intestinal system.* There are also high concentrations of lactoferrin and IGF-1 in this proprietary formula for optimal immune system support.*

Individuals who incorporate Colostrum by Ecological Formulas into their daily dietary routine may experience a range of health support benefits:

• Offers superior support for healthy functioning of the immune system.*
• Supports healthy aging of the hormonal system.*
• Promotes optimal functioning of the digestive system.*
• Aids in decreasing the recovery time.*


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