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Cerebera GPC 2 fl oz
Cerebera GPC 2 fl oz
Cerebera GPC 2 fl oz

Cerebera GPC 2 fl oz


Nutrasal (PhosChol)


Nutritional Supplements



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Cerebra-GPC is 100% Purified PhosChol with the fatty acids removed. It is a simple formulation of purified GPC and water, which comes together as a clear, concentrated, sweet tasting solution that is easy to administer to adults and children.

GPC is an incredibly safe and stable form of choline that rapidly enters the brain. It's vital for cellular integrity, communication between neurons, metabolism pathways, and transporting cholesterol and lipids.*

GPC is a nutrient present in all mammalian cells and other life forms. It is a rapidly absorbed source of choline, which easily enters the brain and has many functions in the body.

Choline is important for the structural integrity of cell membranes, cholinergic neurotransmission, transmembrane signalling, methyl metabolism, and lipid-cholesterol transport and metabolism. Choline speeds the synthesis and release of acetylcholine, an important neurotransmitter involved in numerous important functions in the body. Choline is an essential nutrient since the de novo synthesis of choline is not always sufficient to meet human requirements for choline.*

Though it's true that choline-rich foods tend to be higher in fat and cholesterol, many Americans are following health guidelines that recommend reducing these in their diets, resulting in a drop in choline intake.

Choline is a vitamin-like, essential nutrient. But free choline is poorly bioavailable and unstable in the water phase. GPC is a physiological form of choline in the body.

Cerebra GPC is water soluble and able to efficiently increase choline levels in the blood and the brain.

Glycerophosphocholine is a natural, physiological, water-soluble and stable precursor of choline. It is part of the daily nutrition and its levels are reduced on account of changed dietary composition. The fortification of different foods with GPC can supply GPC and choline as readily absorbed nutrients for cholinergenic metabolic functions such as neurological and mental performance.*

  • Supports brain and cognitive function*
    • Great tasting liquid concentrate
    • 100% purified and pharmaceutical grade
    • A preferred source of bioavailable and stable choline
    • Water soluble and quickly passes the blood brain barrier*
    • Supports acetylcholine production in the brain*


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