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Caprylic Acid 240 vcaps
Caprylic Acid 240 vcaps
Caprylic Acid 240 vcaps

Caprylic Acid 240 vcaps


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Caprylic acid, also known as octanoic acid, is a naturally occurring fatty acid that can help sustain healthy microbial balance.* Its fat solubility enables it to penetrate intestinal mucosal cells, potentially contributing to its effects.*

• Support for healthy microbial balance*
• Gradual release, buffered caprylic acid*
• Made with hypoallergenic, vegan ingredients

Customer Reviews

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Science doesn't lie! This stuff is life changing!

I don't write reviews often, but when I do it's to help others make informed decisions. By doing this, we can all help each other be healthy.

I've been dealing with gut issues for years and years. Otherwise, I've always been healthy. My advice is to start with this along with oil of oregano and omega 3 fish oil. That was my plan.

I have always avoided antibiotics but had to take a bunch last year, for gut issues. Go figure. I think those really kicked up my already prevalent gut issues.

Then, add in a great probiotic, an hour after to further boost your good bacteria.

Cut back on sugar, coffee and carbs!

The die off for me lasted a solid 3 days so I took Hawaiian Spirulina. I'll take coconut charcoal next week to rid of any last residual crap, pun intended. Lol

Oh, and lot's of Vitamin C, d3, b complex, alpha lipoic acid and milk thistle!

For me the difference is incredible! After years of trying soooo many things that were great for overall health, they just didn't work for this problem.

In just a few days, my life has changed. I believe God puts everything we need here for us at the right time.

Results? Bloating down, great poop, ringing in ears slowly going away. More energy, mind is hyper clear, no more clogged nasal and I am not craving sugar and breath is super fresh. I read that the biofilms are the main culprit that protect the bad guys. This melts it like butter.

I also quickly noticed after the die off that my sweat doesn't smell from the gym. But, let me be clear, I sweat for three days straight, powerful bathroom trips, aches, kidneys felt like I was kicked by a mule and stomach pain was crazy. It felt like the flu honestly.

However, as you can easily find online, this is what die off does as endotoxins are released when bad bacteria are assassinated. Hence, the kidney and liver pain, your toxic filters. It's super important to drink lots of water! I add a little pink salt to the zero water.

I honestly believe my whole system was at max capacity with toxicity and this, as so many reports will show, will reset your whole system from the inside out.

Please keep in mind I just ordered these and this is what happened in one week. Our gut is our 2nd brain and it is where our disease is born. Fix the gut, fix your life. I honestly feel like my other supplements are actually being absorbed correctly.

Wheat grass juice powder, spirulina, d3, vit c, alpha lipoic acid, b complex, milk thistle, oil of oregano, fish oil, kelp, selenium, fiber capsules, braggs acv, florastor, trace minerals and a few others. Hope this helps.

I love Now Products and will definitely order again! Thank you so much! There's a reason this has so many high reviews.

Best of luck!

Good product!

Good product! I use several NOW brands supplements.


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