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Astaxanthin 90 caps

Astaxanthin 90 caps


Dr. Mercola


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Astaxanthin stands apart thanks to its noteworthy ability to traverse the protective blood-brain and blood-retinal barriers, granting powerful antioxidant benefits to your precious brain, nervous system, and eyes!*
That’s not all that makes astaxanthin stand apart from other antioxidants. It not only can handle multiple free radicals at one time (as many as 19!), it acts on at least five different pathways to support your body’s healthy normal inflammatory response.* Plus, astaxanthin has up to 6,000 times the quenching power of other well-known antioxidants.

Astaxanthin's incredible ability to reach almost every cell means it carries amazing potential to defend against illnesses, improve cellular energy production, enhance mental and physical performance, benefit eye and skin health, and promote cardiovascular health!*
Dr. Mercola has combined organic astaxanthin with valuable ALA, or alpha-linolenic acid, which provides important cardiovascular support.*

Dr. Mercola Organic Astaxanthin with ALA (4 mg) stands apart from other astaxanthin formulas in three key ways:

• It uses only Organic Astaxanthin from microalgae, the preferred source Haematococcus pluvialis extract
• The astaxanthin is grown in pure, clean glass tubes, rather than open ponds, and is untouched by chemical solvents, preservatives, plasticizers and residues
• It contains 300 mg of alpha-linolenic acid (ALA), a plant omega-3 fatty acid from Perilla Seed Oil, in a base of Organic Olive Oil for enhanced absorption


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