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Zinc 20 mg 100 caps

Zinc 20 mg 100 caps


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This product is part of our Bio-Max Series, featuring nutrient forms shown to be highly bioavailable and easily absorbed. It aids in supporting the immune system and other bodily processes. Additionally, Zinc 20 mg 100 caps is hypoallergenic, free of gluten and casein, and certified Ultra Tested®.

Zinc is found in every cell of the body, as well as being a component of more than 200 enzymes, and playing a role in more enzymatic reactions than any other mineral found in mammals. This mineral is essential for maintainig normal skin, vision, smell, taste, reproduction, brain development, protein synthesis, and wound healing.* Its presence is also indicative of a healthy immune system.* It supports the “T” cells responsible for immune system response.* 
Zinc levels in the body may be lowered for many reasons including the following:

• occasional diarrhea;
• fiber consumption, which causes zinc excretion through the intestinal tract
• perspiration;
• high calcium and iron consumption;
• copper ingestion.
Children and adults need between 10 mg and 50 mg daily.

Though the recommended daily value is 15 mg, it is generally recognized that 30% to 50% of ingested zinc is not absorbed due to complexing with phytic acid, perspiration loss, fiber transport through the intestines or because of the competition for absorption with copper, iron and calcium.


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