Ultra B -Complex w/ PQQ 60 vegcap
Ultra B -Complex w/ PQQ 60 vegcap
Ultra B -Complex w/ PQQ 60 vegcap

Ultra B -Complex w/ PQQ 60 vegcap


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Enhanced B-complex support for mitochondrial and nerve health*

Ultra B-Complex w/PQQ combines B-complex vitamins with PQQ for unique support of mitochondrial bioenergetics and function. The B-complex vitamins are essential to basal mitochondrial function as metabolic coenzymes and methyl donors while PQQ provides novel B-vitamin like activity and advanced antioxidant support, in part by activation of key genetic transcription factors. Alpha lipoic acid provides additional support for mitochondrial energy utilization and combined with luteolin, offers enhanced nervous system antioxidant activity.*

• Thiamin and niacin support healthy neuron cell longevity, neuronal membrane function, and impulse conduction *
• L-5-MTHF, methylcobalamin and vitamin B6 support neuronal health as methylation cofactors in myelin and neurotransmitter biosynthesis *
• PQQ is a novel B vitamin-like cofactor that encourages mitochondrial biogenesis *
• Alpha lipoic acid promotes mitochondrial function, neuron membrane integrity, and antioxidant protection *
• Luteolin maintains healthy macrophage activity and gene expression of the nervous system *
• Supports mitochondrial and nerve health*
• Promotes mitochondrial function*
• Made with hypoallergenic, vegetarian ingredients

Customer Reviews

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MDJ, Esq.
High-quality bioavailability formula, no junk fillers

I began searching for this product when I suspected 1) I may have an absorption issue more related to celiac than MTHRF and 2) chronically low levels of B2, folate, and B12 despite eating an overall nutrient-rich diet. I'm a fit female in my early 30s with a healthy menstrual cycle, and I just couldn't figure out what was causing me daily fatigue, irritability, brain fog, inability to concentrate, and low grade depression. Was it simply pandemic fatigue or something as simple as b-vitamins?

I really like this formula because it doesn't overload my body with the full suite of B vitamins, not all of which I need. Some say what you don't need, you'll excrete through your urine. I prefer to refrain from giving my body anything in excess, and to concentrate, rather, on introducing those vitamins my body needs help absorbing. This complex is great because it pairs the more commonly paired deficiencies (well, in my case) to deliver a streamline boost. I've found it difficult to come by a complex such as this one - and the way it is formulated with methyl groups gives me assurance it has high bioavailability - i.e. - the formula "dresses up" the vitamin so it looks more "acceptable" to your body. Maybe your body doesn't take well to just B12...it needs this formula of B12 + something else to let B12 into the absorption party!

I also really like this formula because it doesn't cause nausea like some multi-vitamins, pre-natal vitamins, or other B complexes do....IF YOU KNOW, YOU KNOW...but just in case, I take this one before bed so I sleep through any queasiness. I wouldn't generally recommend taking B-vitamins before bed because many can give you enough of a burst of energy to keep you awake - I haven't had this problem with this complex, likely because there isn't a bunch of unnecessary vitamins in it. I haven't experienced any interactions with my Rxs, either. It is a focused formula, and it works very well for me.

Pure and trustworthy

My functional medicine doctor recommended this product and I have been taking it for almost five years. I feel confident that is it lab tested, pure, and will deliver good results.


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