Su Zi Jiang Qi Wan 192 pills

Su Zi Jiang Qi Wan 192 pills


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Su Zi Jiang Qi Wan 192 pills


Uses: Cough and Asthma. Su Zi Jiang Qi Wan/Pian, literally “perilla fruit pills to direct the qi downward”, is a classic formula used to direct the lung qi downward and clear phlegm. In TCM terms this formula is used for a upper excess (coughing, asthma, wheezing etc.) with lower deficiency (shortness of breath, weak lower back/legs, lassitude, edema of limbs). This formula is used to treat bronchitis, emphysema, wheezing, and asthma.*


Recommended Dosage: Take 5 to 7 pills or 3 to 4 tablets 3 times per day. At full dose, one bottle renders an 8 to 10 day supply. For acute cases expect results within 5-14 days, for chronic cases you may use the formula for 2-5 weeks.


Caution: In cases that lack signs of deficiency (white, greasy tongue coating, edema, etc.) the formula Xiao Qing Long Wan may be appropriate. Not suitable for dry cough with little phlegm, sore throat, and strong thirst. Avoid oily, spicy food while taking the product.(200 tablets)


Practitioner Level Information:

TCM Herbal Formula Theory Tongue: White, Greasy Coat Pulse: Soft, Slippery


Ingredients: Fructus Perillae (Zi Su Zi), Cortex Magnoliae Officinalis (Hou Po), Radix Peucedani (Qian Hu), Radix Glycyrrhizae (Gan Cao), Rhizoma Pinelliae (Zhi Ban Xia), Pericarpium Citri Reticulatae (Chen Pi), Radix Angelicae Sinensis (Dang Gui), Lignum Aquillariae Resinatum (Chen Xiang), Fructus Jujubae (Da Zao), Rhizoma Zingiberis Recens (Sheng Jiang), Cortex Cinnamomi (Rou Gui)

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