Pro -stiminol Advanced 175 1kit

Pro -stiminol Advanced 175 1kit


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Pro-stiminol Advanced 175 1kit

Dietary Supplement

What is Pro-stiminol®? The Pro-stiminol® Osteoinductive Bone Supplement System is the first nutritional supplement that increases the body's ability to build and strengthen bones the way nature intended.* It is scientifically formulated and clinically tested to help patients achieve maximum bone health benefits.

Why is Ostinol™ important to good bone health? No other product works like Ostinol™. Ostinol™ Bone Stimulating Proteins (BSPs) are proven to be the only proteins capable of stimulating bone and cartilage growth - a natural process known as osteoinduction.* Ostinol™ Bone Stimulating Protein complex contains Bone Morphogenetic Proteins (BMPs) and transforming Growth Factor-beta. 40 years of research and 20 years of clinical use support BMPs as the osteoinductive growth factors in bone.

Ostinol Advanced 175

Enhanced Calcium Absorption & Bone Fortification

Suggested Dosage: As a Calcium & Vitamin D-3 supplement, take one (1) Tricalcidin-3™ tablet in the afternoon and one (1) Tricalcidin-3™ tablet in the evening daily. For best results, take one (1) tablet Ostinol™ each morning.




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