Kidney Mansion 60 caps

Kidney Mansion 60 caps


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Kidney Mansion 60 capsules

Formulated based on the theory of kidney vacuity and blood stasis discovered by Dr. Zhang. According to the theory, when there is kidney vacuity there must be blood stasis. And within Chinese medicine, it is known that the kidneys are responsible for aiding the proper function of the bones, and marrow within the entire body. It is also known that the lower back is the mansion of the kidneys, so when they become vacuous, the lower back will also become aggravated, and this can cause chronic back pain. But it is also known that when there is enduring disease in the body, there is also stasis.

By addressing kidney vacuity as the root and blood stasis as the branch, it is possible to address these specific health concerns. Under these conditions, it is likely that there will also be wind damp evils in the lower back, causing a blockage of the Qi energy flow within that region. Blue Poppy Originals Kidney Mansion works to address the kidneys along with blood stasis.

Suggested Use: Three capsules two times per day.



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