Jasmine Absolute in Jojoba .5 oz

Jasmine Absolute in Jojoba .5 oz


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Jasmine (Jasminum officinale) essential oil has a lasting, romantic aroma that is both soothing and uplifting. Jasmine is associated with relaxation but can be used throughout the day. It is an effective addition to many mood blends and massage applications. The sensuously rich aroma of Jasmine has been known to evoke romantic moods. It is warming, connecting, and pacifying, which makes the oil especially useful in skin and cosmetic applications. Pre-blended with jojoba, this jasmine absolute is ready to use right out of the bottle.

Aura Cacia Jasmine Absolute is produced through a solvent extraction process due to the fragility of this delicate and valuable flower. Aura Cacia extracts the oil from jasmine flowers typically harvested in India, where jasmine plants bloom reliably and consistently even though they only produce a few delicate flowers over the course of a few days or weeks. Considered sacred in India, jasmine flowers are white, grow on climbing vines and only bloom at night. The flowers are hand-picked at night to capture their full floral potency.

Jasmine blends well with lavender, rose, lemon, sweet orange, lime, bay, cardamom seed, frankincense, and clary sage. Jasmine is generally regarded as a base note.

Product Features:

• Convenience — Blending with jojoba oil makes these essential oils ready to use right out of the bottle, and suggested uses are included on each label.
• Applicability — Blending with jojoba oil makes the oils ideal for direct skin application.
• Suitability – Jojoba oil is appropriate for all skin types.
• Absorbability – Jojoba oil absorbs quickly into the skin.
• Durability – Jojoba doesn’t oxidize, so it helps extend the life of the essential oils.



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