I Travel Well Liquid, Organic 1 oz

I Travel Well Liquid, Organic 1 oz


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Supports the Body's Natural Ability to Adapt to the Stresses of Travel Including Changes in Time Zone.*

• Supports the body's natural ability to adapt to the stresses of travel including changes in time zone*
• Helps reestablish healthy sleep patterns*
• Supports the immune system*
• Energizes the body and calms the mind*

This convenient liquid extract was formulated specifically to support the needs of today's modern traveler. Hectic schedules, increased demands on the immune system, changes in time zone, circadian rhythm, disrupted sleep, and meal routines, and limited healthy food choices are some of the many challenges faced when traveling. This powerful blend of Ayurvedic herbs has been created to help keep you at your best when you are on the road.



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