Hyland's FLEXmore Arthritis Pain Relief

Hyland's FLEXmore Arthritis Pain Relief




Topical Pain Relief



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Temporarily relieves the symptoms of minor arthritis pain

Are you tired of pain and stiffness in the joints of your hands, feet, and back, and frustrated you can't do the activities you used to? Nearly 54 Million people in the US are affected by symptoms of arthritis, and we want to help. New from Hyland's, introducing FLEXmore!

FLEXmore is made to relieve minor arthritis pain* like swelling or stiffness, joint, neck or back pain, and muscular cramping associated with minor rheumatic pain. Find relief with our natural active ingredients! No NSAIDs like Ibuprofen, Naproxen, Acetaminophen, or Aspirin and no known drug interactions. FLEXmore has an easy-open cap. Hyland's knows how frustrating opening things can be!

FLEXmore: worry less about your arthritis.


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