Gymnena Sylvestre 200 mg 60 caps

Gymnena Sylvestre 200 mg 60 caps


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Gymnena Sylvestre 200 mg 60 caps

Regulating blood sugar and maintaining healthy blood sugar levels are crucial for survival. There are a number of factors that can influence blood sugar levels. The glucose and sugars contained in the diet can raise blood sugar when these sugars are absorbed into the body via the digestive system. The inability of the pancreas to produce sufficient insulin can result in raised blood sugar levels. The inability of the pancreas cells to secrete sufficient insulin can also contribute to raise blood sugar levels. Gymnema Sylvestre may be helpful in reducing the amount of glucose absorbed via the digestive system, and it may encourage healthy insulin production and secretion.

Dietary Use:

1 cap twice daily, or as directed by a physician


Gymnema Sylvetre (10:1 ext) 200 mg.



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