Gastro Health IgY Max 120 vegcaps
Gastro Health IgY Max 120 vegcaps

Gastro Health IgY Max 120 vegcaps


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A dietary supplement, new from Daiwa Health Development targeting optimal gut health.

What is IgY Max, the active ingredient in Daiwa Gastro Health?

Made from hyperimmune egg powder, IgY Max® is a polyvalent IgY product that provides a new approach to modifying the microbiome. By acting as a barrier protector, IgY Max supports the body’s natural detoxification process, promotes a proper inflammatory response, supports a proper flora balance and promotes the growth of beneficial gut bacteria to deliver the benefits of passive immunity for optimal gut health.

How is IgY Max manufactured?

Made from whole egg that has been spray dried but otherwise unaltered, IgY Max is exclusively manufactured in the United States using a patented formulation process.

IgY Max is naturally gluten and sugar free, does not contain hormones, antibiotics or additives, and it is Kosher certified making it a preferable choice for health-conscious consumers.

What benefits can Daiwa Gastro Health deliver?

Daiwa Gastro Health contains strain-specific antibodies against 26 comon human-relevant pathogens to:
  • Support digestive tract lining*
  • Promote proper microbial adhesion*
  • Support the immune system*
  • Support the body’s natural defenses*
  • Promote proper cytokine balance*
  • Protect against non-beneficial bacteria in the gut*


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