Fine Ground Celtic Sea Salt 5 lbs

Fine Ground Celtic Sea Salt 5 lbs


Celtic Sea Salt


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Celtic Sea Salt Fine Ground 5 lb

Doctor Recommended

• Sustainably Harvested

• More Nutritious than Table Salt

• Lower in Sodium

• Additive Free

• Exquisite Taste

• Certified Kosher


Celtic Sea Salt® is authentic, unprocessed, whole salt from pristine coastal regions. Our salts retain the natural balance and spectrum of essential minerals, supplying the body with over 80 vital trace minerals and elements.


Celtic Sea Salt® Brand Fine Ground begins as our coarser Light Grey Celtic® variety and is then carefully dried at a low temperature and finely ground. With a flavor subtler than our coarse salts, Fine Ground Celtic Sea Salt® is a perfect all-purpose shaker salt, for convenient use at the table, as a recipe ingredient or in baking.



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