Fermenting Jar Lids 3 lids

Fermenting Jar Lids 3 lids


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Kinetic Culture Fermenting Jar Lids 3 lids


Fermented vegetables are essential to your diet and offer phenomenal overall health benefits – and with the right equipment, making your own at home is easy.

To ferment your own vegetables, use wide-mouth Mason canning jars, and Kinetic Culture Jar Lids. Each lid features a special Carbon Filter Technology to eliminate odors while fermenting.

Kinetic Culture Jar Lids offer many benefits including: Releasing fermentation gases in a controlled manner throughout the fermentation process – reducing unwanted odors

Facilitating the removal of sulfur gases

Preventing environmental oxygen and other gases from entering the container during fermentation

Releasing pressure build-up, preventing the jar from breaking

Preventing mold growth in the container due to environmental contamination

BPA and BPS-free (in contrast to metal canning lids which may contain BPA)

Have reusable, easy to clean covers

Simple to use

Each box of Jar Lids includes 3 Kinetic Culture Jar Lids (with a lid, cover, and seal), 3 extra seals, and 6 individually-wrapped filters. Filters and seals can be used multiple times before they no longer prevent odors .



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