Er Chen Tang 100 gms
Er Chen Tang 100 gms

Er Chen Tang 100 gms




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Er Chen Tang 100 gms

Citrus & Pinellia Combination

Min Tong Herbal Tea Extract

Concentrated Ingredients:
38.9% Pinellia Tuber
19.4% Hoelen
19.4% Citrus Reticulata
11.2% Glycyrrhiza Radix
11.1% Zingiberis Officinale Radix

Suggested Use: For adult, add 3 grams (one tablespoon) into warm water as tea, 2 to 3 times a day or as directed by your health practitioner

Additional Information
Action and Indication: This formula resolves Phlegm; dries internal Dampness; regulates the Qi; harmonizes the function of the Spleen and Stomach. It is used to help a person who has Qi Deficiency and internal Damp Phlegm. Related symptoms are: coughing with profuse foamy and white sputum that is expectorated easily; focal distention and a stifling sensation in the epigastrium; nausea; possible vertigo; vomiting; dizziness; palpitation. Tongue is usually swollen with a white, thick coating. Pulse is usually slippery.


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