Du Huo Ji Sheng Tang 100 gms
Du Huo Ji Sheng Tang 100 gms

Du Huo Ji Sheng Tang 100 gms




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Du Huo Ji Sheng Tang 100 gms

Tuhuo & Vaeicum Combination

Min Tong Herbal Tea Extract

Concentrated Ingredients:
10.3% Angelicae Laxiflorae Radix
6.90% Loranthi Ramulus
6.90% Eucommiae Cortex
6.90% Achyranthis Radix
6.90% Gentianae Macrophyllae Radix
6.90% Hoelen
6.90% Cinnamomi Lignum
6.90% Ledebouriellae Radix
6.90% Ligustici Wallichii Rhizoma
6.90% Ginseng Radix
6.90% Glycyrrhiza Radix
6.90% Angelicae Sinensis Radix
6.90% Paeoniae Alba Radix
6.90% Rehmanniae Radix

Suggested Use: For adult, add 3 grams (one tablespoon) into warm water as tea, 2 to 3 times a day or as directed by your health practitioner

Additional Information
Action and Indication: This formula clears Wind-Cold and Dampness; strengthens the Liver and Kidneys; nourishes Qi and Blood; removes painful obstruction. It is used to help a person who has obstruction in the Qi and Blood circulation which results in chronic joints' pain. Related symptoms are: aversion to cold and prefer heat; cold-pain in the lower back and knees; numbness and difficulty of movements in the joints; palpitation; shortness of breath. Tongue is usually light color with a white coating. Pulse is usually weak.

Contraindication: It is not for a person who has acute arthritis and rheumatism.


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