Children's Pro Bio Gold Choc 90 wafers

Children's Pro Bio Gold Choc 90 wafers


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A high strength probiotic wafer with a chocolate flavor that children love. Free of common allergens. Gluten and casein free. 90 wafers. Ultra Pure®.

Kirkman’s most popular probiotic, Pro-Bio Gold™, is also now offered in a tasty, chocolat, chewable wafer with the same six certified strains of organisms present in our signature Pro-Bio Gold™ product and with the same potency.

Normally, chewable probiotic formulations are weak, low dosage products because of the fragility of the organisms; however, Kirkman® has developed an optimal formulation that is produced under special cold, dehumidified conditions so that the product maintains full potency when compressed into a tablet.

Pro-Bio Gold™ utilizes six probiotic strains that have undergone DNA fingerprinting in supporting their identity and long-term stability. More than 65 scientific studies and published articles have been written in support of the strains that demonstrate the following characteristics:

  • high tolerances to survive stomach acid and bile salts;
  • support for the body’s natural defenses and the intestinal tract’s immune system;*
  • ability to alleviate occasional diarrhea and constipation;*
  • ability to address lactose metabolism issues;*
  • ability to adhere to and colonize the GI mucosal membrane;*
  • support with regulating intestinal mobility and normal bowel function;*
  • ability to possibly create an inhibitory effect on free radical activity in the colon*.


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