Bumps 'n Bruises 4Kids Ointment

Bumps 'n Bruises 4Kids Ointment




Pain & Inflammation Support



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Kid-friendly first aid ointment offers relief for bumps, bruises, twists and turns– with a fun new look to distract from pain.

Kid-friendly packaging helps you get laughter out of every ouch. Goofy Splat! faces are guaranteed to distract and delight while you apply the Arnica-rich first aid ointment everyone needs to relieve bruising, pain, minor swelling and tenderness following injuries. Along with bumps and bruises, this ointment's relief extends to effects of sprains, strains and stubbings (fingers and toes). For best results, apply ASAP after injuries and avoid contact with open cuts. Take further comfort in that the push-up ointment tube is made of 90% recycled paperboard and the ointment is free of PABA, synthetic preservatives, fragrances, parabens, and dyes


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