Arthrella - 60 Count by Charak Innoveda Herbal Supplement

Arthrella - 60 Count by Charak Innoveda Herbal Supplement


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About the Product
  • Provides joint cartilage nourishment. Safe for long term use.
  • Vegetarian Capsules, NO Egg, NO Gluten, NO Milk, NO Wheat, Paraben Free

Arthrella promotes joint mobility and flexibility. It is a rich combination of joint support phytochemicals. Arthrella combines the extracts of 4 herbs which offer support to the bones and the joints and help regulate healthy active joints and muscles. Arthrella helps in promoting normal structure and functioning of musculoskeletal system. Arthrella is combined with key ingredients like Guggul gum resin extract (Guggul), Turmeric rhizome extract (Haldi), Indian frankincense gum resin extract (Shallaki) and Ginger rhizome extract (Shunthi), which assists in supporting the musculoskeletal system and daily wear and tear. Arthrella assists in nourishing and stabilizing the cartilages/ligaments and further reduces frictions while facilitating easy joint movements.



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