Adjustable Heel Lift Small 1 piece

Adjustable Heel Lift Small 1 piece


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Adjustable Heel Lift Small 1 pr

Contents: 1 heel lift

o Designed to correct leg length inequality

o Works in virtually any footwear

o Provides adjustment up to 0.375”(9.5 mm)

US Shoe Size

Small - P

W 4-8

4 x 2.35”

10 x 6 cm

Med - M

W 8-11/M 6-11

4.5 x 2.5”

11 x 5 cm

L - GR

M 11-15

5 x 3”

13 x 8 cm

Instructions For Use

Compensates leg length inequality

Lift should be placed in heel of shoe worn on shorter leg with the leather surface up. Adjust the height of the lift by peeling off one or more layers. Layers can be reattached using rubber cement



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