RegeneRest™ 60 caps

RegeneRest™ 60 caps


Clinical Synergy


Sleep Disorders

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Formulated to Promote Restful Sleep and Daily Restoration*

RegeneRest® is a unique blend of nutrients and botanicals formulated to calm and relax while promoting restful, deep sleep. RegeneRest® is fortified with melatonin and GABA support botanicals to promote gentle, restorative sleep while resetting circadian rhythms to provide a refreshing, rejuvenated feeling upon waking.*

Its ability to promote a healthy circadian rhythm is especially helpful during times when the body’s melatonin cycle is disrupted such as with shift work, traveling across time zones, and as we age.*

• Promotes restful sleep and daily restoration
• Gentle, everyday formula taken before bedtime
• Promotes natural circadian rhythms*
• Doctor Formulated. Research Driven. Quality Tested.


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