Cardamom Powder .5 lb

Cardamom Powder .5 lb


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Common Kitchen Spice that Supports Healthy Digestion.*

• Supports comfortable digestion and balanced stomach acid levels*
• Promotes a healthy appetite and fresh breath*
• Promotes healthy elimination of mucus*
• Supports healthy lungs and clear breathing*

Cardamom (Elettaria cardamomum) is an aromatic spice that awakens the appetite and supports healthy digestion without aggravating pitta. Ground cardamom supports balanced stomach acid levels and the downward flow of energy in the GI tract. This helps pacify vata and pitta, and promotes a comfortable post-meal experience. Cardamom removes excess kapha from the stomach and supports healthy mucus levels in the body.* It also eliminates kapha from the lungs, supporting clear, comfortable breathing.* In The Yoga of Herbs, Doctors Lad and Frawley write that cardamom "stimulates the mind and heart and gives clarity and joy."*



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